Security. It is a concept that we all have clear but that has many meanings. There are many types of security and different ways to measure and quantify it. In the English language they have two words for what we say in Spanish with only one: safety and security.

The first, safety, refers to operational safety. It is where the tools, the procedures, the human factor, come together so that a process, a transport, a task, etc. had assured that it is satisfactory to us.

The second, security, refers to the security that protects us from acts against things or people, with the desire to cause harm.

Even with these distinctions, security as safety has many dimensions since it covers as many branches as there are facets in life. We can talk about safety at home in factories, in transport, in this activity or that, etc.

But in this short blog I want to refer to the safety of people.

Those of us who have suffered painful examples in life and observed accidents at work can say bluntly that safety is never a cost, it is an investment, and we will never value this investment more until we have suffered the consequences of not having taken into account its importance.

The UAS have entered our lives and in numerous activities. It is undoubtedly a great tool that helps us perform many tasks. Drones can do many things and are a very useful tool, but we hardly ever think about the importance of drones to increase the safety of people.

When we value the strengths of drone operation and their usefulness, we usually say that many activities can be done easily with them. That help us to do many things faster by shortening times. That these tasks can be done in a less expensive way and therefore produce greater economic returns. But I want to focus today on the fact that drones can do something wonderful, make tasks safer for workers.

How much is security worth? How much does it cost to put a drone where now a worker runs risks and dangers. How much does it cost to repeat a dangerous task as many times as we want and need with a drone compared to the danger of doing it only once with a worker at risk.

We may not have a figure to answer the question of how much security costs, but we are going to try to find answers.

In 2019, in Spain alone, there were 36,562 work accidents in maintenance and fine-tuning tasks and 6,180 in surveillance tasks. Between these two activities there were 61 worker deaths, more than one a week. In 2020, the accident data was lower, but unfortunately there were more deaths, 89 worker deaths.

How much is security worth? When we are going to introduce safer tools to protect workers. Drones are. And drones for indoor work are more so in highly dangerous tasks.

Security is improved by prevention. Using drones is not the only solution, but they help prevent it.

How many accidents can we avoid, how can we improve the safety of workers and people. We all must do our best.

AERTOS 130IR, a drone to work indoors.

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