JASDRONE is a company within the JAS GROUP (JET AIRCRAFT SERVICES) dedicated to the world of RPAS.

JASDRONE, distributes the AERTOS 130 IR drones of the North American company DIGITAL AEROLUS, for the EU and performs inspection work with the best tool on the market for difficult, compromised places and in the absence of external references, using the AERTOS 130 IR, a state-of-the-art drone governed by A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

JASDRONE led by highly experienced aeronautical engineers, pilots and computer scientists, offers what others are unable to do in the most difficult environments while preserving worker safety and reducing costs and inspection times.

JASDRONE import and distributes the AERTOS 130 IR.
JASDRONE operates the AERTOS 130 IR to go where others cannot.
JASDRONE reduces inspection costs.
JASDRONE provides safety by replacing people in dangerous places with the AERTOS 130 IR.
JASDRONE increases maintenance processes by performing larger and more detailed inspections.
JASDRONE the best ally of the industries to know the status of their facilities.



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