Fly in any condition and anywhere. This is what we can do with AERTOS. Fly and operate without limits. Wherever inspections are needed, AERTOS will fulfill its mission. You just have to tell us your need and we will take care of carrying it out.


Difficult situations. Risk situations for operators. You need to carry out controls without stopping the installations. Count on the AERTOS and our services. At all times and in all places we can access the places where others simply cannot. Contact us.


Any infrastructure needs maintenance. Inspections and controls are often expensive and often difficult. With the operation of the AERTOS we can carry out more inspections with less cost and less risk. We support the application of preventive and predictive maintenance.


This is one of the examples of greater differentiation on the alternatives available in the market. Seeing the AERTOS operate in difficult and confined places is an example where its exceptional qualities are proven to operate in mines of all kinds.


Public security needs the best tools to meet the objective of helping to act and react in advance to dangerous situations. The AERTOS can be a perfect ally for situations where other RPAS cannot operate.


All these hazardous installations require tools capable of overcoming the most rigorous and difficult conditions. Here the AERTOS brings out its full potential. Let the AERTOS do its job so that the reliability of the installations is never compromised.


Digital Aerolus RPAS AERTOS assist companies in their inspections, in numerous sectors and industries.

Our indoor commercial drones enable organizations to increase productivity, drive actionable business data, and improve worker safety. Organizations and companies using Digital Aerolus RPAS to inspect assets can achieve results from a perspective that was previously not possible.

AERTOS RPASs fly stably indoors for industrial inspections, because the 130IR was designed to fly in tight spaces. AERTOS commercial drones perform interior ceiling inspections in factories, flying over the factory floor without stopping production. Digital Aerolus commercial drones fly in sewers and hydraulic installations, inspecting cracks or obstructions while the pilot hovers in a safe place.

AERTOS industrial drones are put into action in many ways, flying steadily into areas that other drones cannot, such as:

  • Inside mines and caves
  • Interior of power plants and electrical substations
  • Under and inside bridges, tunnels and subways
  • Inside nuclear plants and around nuclear radiation.
  • Assist military, firefighters, police, national security, in subsoil inspections
  • Take indoor videos and stills for media
  • On dangerous or unstable terrain
  • Inside oil and gas storage tanks and refineries
  • Accurate data capture within warehouses, factories, and other industrial buildings
  • Periodic or urgent industrial inspections.


AERTOS indoor drones are valuable tools for electric power plants to increase the safety of their workers in numerous tasks and increase efficiency by reducing time and downtime. AERTOS RPAS are an alternative method to examine traditional electrical installations. The 130IR helps nuclear power plants discover and assess problems while keeping their workers safe and avoiding unnecessary downtime.  


Infrastructure inspections look for defects or have information on their condition to support maintenance plans, but these inspections are often challenging and require teams to perform dangerous actions that take a long time among other things to ensure safety.  AERTOS drones fly indoors, in confined spaces, or between metal structures or lattices where a conventional drone is not capable of operating. The 130 IR offers companies the ability to quickly assess the condition of bridge structures or check for a sewer leak. It is the most powerful tool available at the moment for the evaluation of infrastructures.


Mining companies use JASDRONE technology to increase worker safety and increase productivity. Our drones can fly in areas that workers cannot access, giving organizations the ability to collect visual data that was previously impossible to obtain. The safety of workers is essential, as well as having information about places where it was previously impossible to access.

The 130IR is capable of reaching places never before possible. It is truly a new generation tool.


In the actions carried out by the personnel that make up the security forces, including the military, the use of drones that carry out various support or information gathering tasks have become commonplace. However, there are many actions that, as they were not possible until now, it was impossible to introduce drones, such as tunnel inspections, sewers, confined spaces and numerous actions in which there is no satellite coverage. The AERTOS 130 IR is the best ally for these situations and necessary to increase its efficiency and to reduce risk in places where human resources are still being used.


Safety is essential in the gas and electricity industry. AERTOS Industrial RPAS enable our customers in the oil, gas and electricity industry to quickly perform visual inspections of refineries and production centers and even inspect the interior of storage tanks, reducing inspection costs and safety. of the personnel who carry it out.


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